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Homeowners Guide – Caring for Your Synthetic Grass

In California, the dire drought conditions have pushed many homeowners towards choosing less water necessitous options like synthetic grass. Although conditions seem to be improving,...

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artificial turf

Is Artificial Turf Worth the Home Upgrade?

Over the last decade, artificial turf has skyrocketed in popularity. That’s because it is a low maintenance alternative to having a great looking yard all...

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fake grass safe for children

Common Myths – Is Fake Grass Safe For Children?

Children spend a great deal of their childhood outside. School sports, garden playtime, playground park visits. Most parents wouldn’t think twice about whether the natural...

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artificial grass

Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is An Asset To Your Home

Maintaining your lawn can be a full-time job. Constant watering, mowing, and fertilizing all year round with the added concern that someone might just step...

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pet turf

Everything You Need To Know About Pet Turf

Do you have a pet that is destroying your yard with his bathroom breaks? Are you searching for a way for your pet to relieve...

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