Artificial Turf for Playgrounds in San Diego

Artificial Turf Solutions for Playgrounds

Playgrounds play a vital role in child development and wellness. Playground turf allows for kids to play in a safe, clean, and fun environment. Our commercial and residential artificial turf for playgrounds focuses on protecting children to the highest degree. All of our synthetic lawn products exceed national safety standards, are recyclable, and non-flammable. With artificial grass, parents and commercial businesses never have to worry about using harsh chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.

Our Kid-Safe Artificial Turf is Ideal For:



Pre Schools & Daycare




Community Areas

Residential Areas

Commercial Playground Turf

Artificial playground turf is the perfect solution for commercial playgrounds. When it comes to artificial turf for playgrounds, US Turf San Diego is here to help. Our lawn is fitting for schools, parks, apartments, and day care services. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf never deteriorates and can withstand high-traffic foot areas. For teachers and caretakers that means less time spent cleaning mud and dirt! We make our turf to be highly durable and designed to withstand all types of playground equipment and play.

Why Invest in Artificial Playground Turf

Technological advancements in the industry have made artificial turf safe enough for children's environment. US Turf San Diego has certified playground installers that ensure your synthetic turf is ready to deal with different kids' activities. You can trust us to install your artificial turf in a professional, quick manner.


Artificial turf lasts longer than any other service material in the industry. Our turf is easy to maintain and with our easy interchangeable turf areas, you won’t have a huge repair cost for those high-traffic, flattened zones.


With artificial turf for playgrounds, kids are protected from hard falls. Our turf is soft and cushioned which breaks the fall in case of an accident. No more cuts or bruises, artificial turf is easy on the skin, less restricting, and durable enough for kids play.


We carry turf that is specially made for children areas. Besides being safe and durable we, our non-toxic infill stays cooler and lasts longer than any other material in the industry. Kids can play on our fake grass without the risk of burning.

Reduces Allergic Reactions

Many kids get deprived of the freedom of grass play due to the many harmful allergens found in the area. Thanks to artificial playground turf, kids have an opportunity to freely play without fear of an allergic reaction.


Kids are constantly exposed to different germs that make them get sick. Naturally, these germs are quickly passed on to other children. With US Turf San Diego’s antimicrobial properties, bacteria growth is highly inhibited, meaning its kids stay free from illness. Additionally, turf is easier to clean in spaces that are shared with pets.


Unlike regular playgrounds which use sand or turf, artificial turf for playgrounds create a cleaner alternative. Children can safely play without the risk of grass, dirt, or mud stains. Best of all, our locked in infill means parents will find no gravel or sand in their shoes.

Recommended Artificial Turf for San Diego Playgrounds

Our turf material selections are based on years of experience and we will custom tailor not only the design of your playground turf area, but also help you select the best infill, yarns (blades of grass) for your needs.

Fescue 60

Foot Traffic:



Face Weight: 60oz

Turf Height: 2 1/8in

Augustine 80

Foot Traffic:



Face Weight: 80oz

Turf Height: 2in

Bermuda 100

Foot Traffic:



Face Weight: 100oz

Turf Height: 2in

Zoysia 70

Foot Traffic:



Face Weight: 70oz

Turf Height: 1 7/8in

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